About Us


The Recap Group's mission is to provide clients with objective solutions for their build projects. 

With offices in both Calgary & Vancouver, The Recap Group is a renowned construction and asset management company with a portfolio spanning local and regional markets with extensive experience across the construction industry. With proven ability in delivering highly acclaimed projects, we are an all in one solution for Strata Corporations, Commercial properties and development companies including solutions for ground up development, capital planning and funding analysis, risk reporting, construction, and maintenance services.

The Recap Group’s name is recognized for its integrity, objectivity, independence, and professionalism. Our corporate core values drive us to provide consistently high-quality work to clients and have a diverse set of experience to carry on the construction tasks both big and small. For over 35 years our President has been providing construction, reporting, development, and maintenance services to strata corporations, corporations, commercial property owners, and individuals. The Recap Group is best known for its building envelope remediation projects, depreciation reports, risk assessment reports, and construction solutions.

Our multidisciplinary organization of construction managers, reserve planners, supervisors, and construction workers brings together technical disciplines to address complicated issues faced during construction. Our staff is well qualified and expert to take on to any construction project from start to finish and renewal. They work closely with clients understanding their needs and rendering the services that clients love and appreciate.


Our vision is to empower clients with solutions for safe, healthy, and sustainable construction projects in this technologically complex world. 


The Recap Group's senior leadership team is composed of individuals with diverse background and have made significant contributions not only to the firm but also to the community. Most have had successful careers in the construction industry. The key leader of our team is Peter Helmus. Peter is dedicated to his work and having immense experience and knowledge in the field of construction, remediation, maintenance, and management. Peter Helmus, President, is a leader in the field of construction in British Columbia. He has managed over 1,500 projects from single-family up to 5 storey multi-family condominium and townhome projects. Having worked on various restoration projects, he played the role of building envelope consultant and site supervisor and received various construction industry awards. He is also a Certified Reserve Planner and has been writing Depreciation Reports since 2013. His deep knowledge and understanding of construction methods and experience enable him to simplify complicated issues. Recently, he served as the education director at the Board of Directors of the Vancouver chapter of the Real Estate Institute of Canada. Peter instructed Reading Technical Drawings 1 and 2, and Capital Improvement Planning.